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Join Us

To serve the Burnaby – Deer Lake Community and advance your experience in leadership, join DLYC today! No application is required, and volunteer hours will be granted for all activities.

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons:

We mentioned that DLYC members receive special perks. In addition to earning easy volunteer hours and networking with politicians, we offer rewards for high achieving members.

Confirmation Letters

DLYC provides a confirmation letter from staff for DLYC members completing 30 volunteer hours or less and a certificate for DLYC members completing more than 30 volunteer hours.

Letters of Recommendation

DLYC provides a letter of recommendation from staff for DLYC members completing 75 volunteer hours or more. Outstanding DLYC coordinators (team leaders) may be eligible for a letter of recommendation from MLA Anne Kang.

Information Sessions

DLYC provides career information sessions and professional development opportunities. Our own staff supervisors also help check members' resumes.

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