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Our Full Story


So, who are we? DLYC is a youth-led community-based volunteering organization split into numerous branches. These include Phone Banking, Graphic Design, Marketing & Outreach, Finance, and Events. Each branch is led by a coordinator, and each contributes to operating the projects we run. We are closely partnered with MLA Anne Kang's Constituency Office, and deeply involved in Burnaby's political sphere. We also operate on our three pillars.


Community Involvement

We promote and encourage engagement with the community, often collaborating with other organizations to host joint projects. By working with different DLYC branches, your volunteering experiences can be customized to suit your interests, whether that be event planning, marketing, or hands-on service. 

Leadership Development

All DLYC branches are led by one or two coordinators. They will act as your team leader until they graduate and choose their successor. We actively foster young leaders by providing a culture of cooperation, communication, and creativity, developing key leadership skills that can serve lifelong purposes.

Political Conference

Political Experience

As a partisan, youth-based council under the guidance of MLA Anne Kang, DLYC delivers a holistic and genuine political experience for all of our members. Whether you are interested in pursuing politics or not, DLYC members can attend various party conventions and receive unique perks absent in other organizations.

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